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loft hatch and ladders

Loft Hatches in Kent

Find a loft solution that suits your needs, whether you need a new access hatch or insulation, L.W. Lofts are here to help. Our services are designed around our customer's needs to ensure a quality result.

Loft Services: Welcome

Loft Products to Meet your Needs

Lofts are often underutilised and unsafe storage spaces to use. We will help optimise your loft, making it safe and easy to access and boarded to meet your storage needs. See what services we offer and how we can improve your loft.

loft ladders


Budget or deluxe aluminium ladders are available to suit your hatch including sliding, folding, telescopic and concertina.


Enlarge or relocate your existing hatch and have a fully sealed and insulated custom hatch made to suit your exact requirements.

loft hatch
loft hatch and ladders

Hatch & Ladders

Enlarge or relocate your existing hatch. Fully insulated and sealed hatches are readily available for installation. Various options available to upgrade for better performance and ease of use


Being a Loft Leg recommended installer means we are specialists in raised boarding. Ideal for new builds as it doesn't compress or make your insulation inefficient.

loft boarding
loft thermal survey

Thermal Surveys

Survey your property to identify where you have heat loss so you can improve and target the areas that will be most effective.


Make your home warmer, and replace or upgrade your insulation in alignment with the latest building regulations.

loft insulation
loft storage


Manage your loft space better with optimised storage solutions. Plastics boxes? Shelving? Labelling? We will help organise your loft so you can find things much easier.


With years of accumulation, you might not even know what is in your loft. We can empty your loft and help get you started with having that dreaded sort out. As a registered waste carrier, we can dispose of all your unwanted items.

loft mess
Loft Services: Skills

Your complete loft solution

Based on our knowledge and expertise we have compiled comprehensive loft packages featuring the products we have determined as popular choices for our customers. Installations will be tailored to meet your exact requirements and are subject to a home visit.

For more information on our package solutions or to get a free quote, contact us today!

boarded loft
LOFT 9.jpg

New Build Budget

10sqm Raised Boarding
Aluminium Sliding Ladder

Loft Light

From £600 +VAT

New Build Plus

10sqm Raised Boarding
Aluminium Sliding Ladder
Loft Light
Loft Ledge Truss Shelves

From £600 +VAT

Shelves £10 each +VAT

New Build Max

35sqm Raised Boarding
Aluminium Sliding Ladder
Loft Light

From £1,640 +VAT

Hatch and Ladder

Enlarge Current Aperture
Fully Insulated FAKRO Hatch
Wooden Folding Ladder

From £400 +VAT (trussed roof)

From £500 +VAT (traditional roof)


A solution to suit you

No matter your loft needs, L.W. Lofts will have a solution for you. Whether you need loft hatches, insulation or ladders, we are here to help. Our products and packages are there to provide you with the best possible solution for your home so you can easily utilise your loft space for efficient storage and stop any loss of heat from your home.

Call 07707 953907 or email us at

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