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Loft Insulation Installers in Kent

L.W. Lofts are here to help you find the best solution for you and your loft. Our partnership with Loft Leg allows us to recommend their state-of-the-art products to be able to efficiently maximise the use of your space. With extra products such as lighting, you will be amazed by the results.

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Recommended Loft Leg Installer for Kent

L.W. Lofts is proud to be the recommended Loft Leg product installer for the Kent area. Being a Loft Leg recommended installer means we have a proven track record of successfully installing raised storage platforms. Ideal for new builds and properties with extra insulation. We can recommend, based on your needs, any products that may be beneficial to maximise the use of your loft space.


Loft Leg design and manufacture innovative loft storage solutions that allow for brighter, more organised and energy-efficient lofts. Loft Leg's products have been designed to maximise the use of loft space while protecting your insulation to create a usable space while preserving heat and saving money on energy bills.


Using recycled materials for their products as well as having most of their manufacturing based in the UK, Loft Leg is an excellent choice for your home. You are guaranteed the highest standard of product.

A Loft Leg raised platform system is suitable for any loft, even new builds, without impacting your NHBC warranty.

For more information about Loft Leg products please visit their website or contact us on 07707 953907 to find out even more.

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Loft Leg

Loft Ledge

Loft Light

Loft Bulb

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Trusted Loft Product Installer

If you are looking for loft insulation installers, look no further than L.W. Lofts. As the trusted and recommended Loft Leg installer in Kent, we can ensure that your insulation is fit for purpose and keep your home warm while providing you with suitable and usable storage space. For further information on Loft Leg Products or how we can install them for you, get in touch or view our loft services.

Call 07707 953907 or email us at

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